It’s getting close to the Sign & Digital Show. Will you be there?

Always a great show with a vast range of innovative products and services. It is a perfect stage to network and helps find new partners to help grow your business.

The inksplash team will be travelling to the NEC, Birmingham this year. The show runs from the 24 – 26 April 2018. We are excited to see what the industry has to offer this year.

Check out the list of exhibitors here:  Exhibitors List

You can also download the show brochure here:  Download Show Brochure


Heres a little look at the show in 2017:


ValueJet 1638X printer

Mutoh ValueJet 1638X Joins The Team

We are always investing in state of the art printers at Inksplash. That is why we decided to add the Mutoh ValueJet 1638x to our lineup.  There is a lot of options out there, and you could spend months researching, which we did. We decided the Mutoh was the best choice for what we needed.

Staggered Dual Head Setup:

The ValueJet 1638X printer incorporates a staggered dual-head setup with the latest generation piezo drop-on-demand variable drop print heads. Each 1440-nozzle head (8 lines of 180 nozzles) includes four colour sections, divided into two nozzle rows with 360 nozzles per colour.

The print head is capable of producing ink drops ranging from 3.5 pl to 35 pl. Bottom line, it can produce a broader range of ink dots, which are moreover jetted at a much faster speed compared to other print heads on the market. The result is speedier output speeds and furthermore a much better print quality at higher output speeds.

Mutoh’s Universal Mild Solvent inks (UMS):

Mutoh’s Universal Mild Solvent inks (UMS) are Mutoh’s fourth generation mild solvent inks. The UMS inks have been developed explicitly for volume-oriented users. Available in cassettes, litre bottles & ink packs, UMS inks feature best-in-class ingredients for optimum speed and quality performance. The inks are based on a new generation of milder & non-aggressive solvents and do not spread any harmful VOCs in the working environment. They are virtually odour-free and do not require any forced ventilation. Prints made with UMS inks are water resistant and offer an outdoor UV-resistance of up to three years*.

* : For heavy-duty applications where mechanical stress is involved (floor & vehicle graphics), lamination is required. Stabilisation is needed before lamination.

Mutoh Value Jet printer

Stunning Performance:

The VJ-1638X printer offers you a wide range of print modes and speeds. The overview below lists the most popular ones with which excellent printing quality can be obtained.

  1. High Quality – 1080 x 1440 dpi : 10 m²/h
  2. Quality – 720×1440 dpi: 15 m²/h
  3. Quality Production – 720 x 1080 dpi – 20 m²/h
  4. Production – 720 x720 dpi: 29 m²/h
  5. Speed Production – 720 x 720 dpi : 36 m²/h


Check out the full spec from Mutoh: LINK





Signage on window

How do you choose the right signage company?

Choosing the right signage company for your business may seem a bit hard to do at first. But the reality is that with a bit of attention and focus, you will have no problem choosing the right signage company to suit your requirements. With that in mind, here are some of the ideas to keep in mind when you look for the best players in the signage industry.

Create a list that includes all signage services

Usually, any branding company that works in the signage industry tends to offer a wide range of services. To avoid spending a lot of money, make sure that you invest in a signage company that has all the features you need. Write them down, select a budget, and you will be good to go in this regard.

What type of products do they offer?

An essential thing to keep in mind is that most companies in the signage industry tend to be specialised. So, you have to see whether they can work on the desired type of sign or not. Adapt to the situation and take your time to study all the options before you make any pick.

What materials should you opt for?

Every signage company will tend to use different materials. Some signs are made out of carbon fibre, others are made out of plastic, while others can be steel-based and so on. There are numerous options when it comes to material and media type. However, the material selection is pretty subjective, so you are free to choose the one you like the most and suits the project in hand. A good sign company will give you all the specifications on each material and media type. 

Durability matters

Durability is synonymous with quality in this regard. You want to work with a signage company that can offer you the most durable signs out there. You want to make the right investment and focus on products that will withstand any weather changes and day to day use. Keep this in mind when you select the right signage company for you and the results can be very good in the end.

Does the offer include installation?

Not all companies in the signage industry include installation with their offer. Obviously, that’s a shame, and you have to figure out whether the company you want to work with will provide such a feature or not. Obviously, this can reflect in the overall price, so try to keep that in mind, and the whole experience can be pretty impressive for sure!

Installation crew in a hoist fitting a sign

Maintenance is important

Even if the signage company offers installation services, do they include any maintenance? Yes, maintenance is a critical thing to keep in mind and one of those factors that you will like quite a lot. We recommend you to opt for high-quality maintenance offerings to get the very best outcome.

While picking the best company in the signage industry can be a bit overwhelming at first, it’s not impossible. With these great tips listed above, you will find no problem making the right choice, and the entire experience will be a lot more exciting and rewarding in the end. Don’t rush into picking a team right away. Take your time, understand what the company offers and you can get some remarkable results in the end!