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Inksplash Friday Finds

Friday Finds (Issue 2) is out now! We hope you enjoyed our Friday Finds last week. Check out this week’s finds and lets us know what you think.


1. James Bond Would Never Get a Job at MI6 Says the Real ‘M’

James Bond

James Bond would not be up to the job if he tried to get hired at the real MI6, according to the head of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (S.I.S.).

Source: Time

2. Crazy Good Flourless Chocolate Cake with an Even Crazier Backstory

chocolate cake

You know a cake is going to be good when it’s got chocolate, gangsters, and the image of the beautiful island of Capri all in its backstory.

Source: food52


3. The 7 biggest announcements from Apple’s MacBook event

mac book pro

Apple’s keynote today focused on the Mac and the company’s vision idea for the future of TV. New MacBook Pros are coming, including one that’s thinner than the Macbook Air, as is a new feature called the Touch Bar.

Source: The Verge


4. How Microsoft Reimagined The Desktop PC For Creativity

microsoft surface

Lean on it!

The Surface Studio, which starts at €2,800 and goes up to€3,800 for a fully loaded version, isn’t targeted at average desktop users.

Source: Fast Company


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