How important is colour choice in branding

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How important is the colour choice in branding? Creating a powerful brand requires you to focus on a broad range of things, and one of them is certainly the colour or colour combinations that you pick for your brand. You have to note that each colour brings in front specific emotions for each person. That’s why you need to understand the psychology of colours and use the one that’s appropriate for your company branding. Done adequately, this can help you boost a number of conversions you receive!

What type of emotions are generated by each colour?

As we mentioned above, before you opt for complete office branding, you first need to understand the emotions brought by each colour. With that in mind, research has shown that specific colours will bring in certain emotions for people. It all comes down to figuring out what colour suits the emotions your company wants to instil in potential customers.

  • Yellow is a colour that brings in the sense of clarity and warmth
  • White and grey are neutral colours; they bring calmness and balance
  • Green is all about growth and health; it’s also all about positivity and peacefulness
  • Orange provides a sense of friendliness, and it’s also a colour that showcases confidence and cheerfulness
  • Red is the colour of excitement, action, boldness, and youthfulness
  • Purple is the colour of creativity, imagination and wise persons
  • Blue is all about helping you inspire a sense of trust, strength, and dependability

colour choice in branding

According to a study named the Impact of Colour on marketing, it seems that around 90% of all snap judgements made about company branding and products, in general, is based on the colour alone. And while there are personal preferences that will make people opt for specific brands, the reality is that people will still use colours to differentiate brands most of the time.

That’s why it can be an excellent idea to start company branding with a focus on particular colours.

Also, it seems that our brains tend to prefer brands that are recognisable. The idea is that whenever you want to do office branding, you need to predict the customer’s colour appropriateness with the product as a whole.

You wouldn’t buy pink Harley Davidson motorcycles or Coca-Cola with a white label. Figuring out what is appropriate for your branding is crucial here. Usually, there are five core dimensions when it comes to brand personality, and these are sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness. Based on these ideas you will be able to identify the colour choice a lot easier.

Yes, colours are essential for company branding, and it also plays a pivotal role in marketing as well. Consistency is key here, so you want to find a colour that suits your brand and stick to it. Changing colours all the time is not good, so studying everything beforehand and making the right decision from the start will have a significant impact on branding!

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