• Wall Graphics

    Wall graphics can completely transform a plain wall in your office or work space into a colourful and vibrant advertising work of art. Using the latest technology, wall art ideas are digitally printed which allow you to capture the attention of your clients as well as advertise your product or service. They instantly make your office or retail outlet more inviting for potential clients or customers, and give more reasons for existing ones to keep coming back. Companies are also discovering the benefits of using unique wall art & wall murals to motivate employees and create a more productive environment in the work place.

    Having custom wall graphics printed for your work space is more convenient than hanging pictures on your walls or having them painted. Installation is usually quick and easy and causes minimal disruption to your business.

  • Creative Wall Decals

    Wall decals can be a great solution for covering a large area that is broken up with doors & right angles as it transforms the visual into one continuous display..

    You really get a “WOW” factor when people see such a dramatic transformation of a public space. As well as walls, this digitally printed self-adhesive vinyl can be used on a wide variety of internal and external floors and surfaces, opening up a host of really interesting design options.We even offer a wall graphic solution which can be applied directly onto ‘raw’ brick.